Environmental Assessments

If someone is having difficulty navigating their home, an assessment of the person and the home is conducted.  The recommendations are tailored to the needs of the person and are individualized based on their current condition, prognosis and the needs of others in the home.  Living at Home works with individuals of all ages and abilities.  Recommendations may include low cost adaptations, remodel ideas, technology and activity adaptations.  Referrals to local contractors are provided.

Assessments can be completed in person or virtually with assistance. Our team of therapists are licensed in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

Living at Home is an approved provider for Maryland Medicaid Waiver Environmental Assessments. Living at Home works closely with contractors in Maryland who specialize in accessibility modifications. Assessments are standardized with photos, dimensions and specific recommendations which often enable estimates without on site visits.